Mother Maria Anna Brunner

As the new school year begins, it's crucial for parents to recognize the significance of nurturing their elementary school children's mental health. The beginning of the school year can bring about a range of emotions, from excitement to anxiety, and a supportive home environment plays a pivotal role in helping children navigate these feelings. Engage in open conversations, listen attentively, and create a safe space where they can express themselves freely. Encourage a healthy balance between schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and downtime to prevent burnout. Remember that each child is unique, and their emotional needs may vary. Here are a few tips you may find helpful:

Get back into a routine
About two weeks before school starts, gradually (15 minutes each day) move your child’s bedtime and wake-up time back to what they will be during the school year.

Visit your doctor
Make sure your vaccine records and check-ups are up to date!  Routine check-ups are important.

Review your child’s expected schedule and new routine for school.
Prepare for changes this school year. For example, visit a new bus stop location or new building. 

Get organized
Have a designated place for school materials and a study area. Include a printout of the school calendar with due dates and events.

Talk about expectations 
yours and your child’s. Help your child set goals for the school year and take time to check in about their feelings for the upcoming year. Don’t forget to also talk about your rules
and expectations.

Connect with the school
Meet their teachers and school staff. Mark school events on your personal calendar so you can plan to attend. Encourage your child to join extracurriculars.

Have a last hurrah
Have an at-home movie night, take a family bike ride, or visit a local attraction like a park, museum, or zoo.

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